The Year Of Snapchat: How To Rock It In 2016

The Year Of Snapchat: How To Rock It In 2016

Trailing just Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat’s a messaging app that allows users to send curated photos, text, and videos to select groups.


And it’s everywhere. In fact, some tech watchers predict Snapchat’s meteoric rise is going to continue to skyrocket and are naming 2016 “Year of the Snapchat.”


Still trying to figure your way through the app? Here are three easy tricks to get you started:


1. Build your network in person by using the app’s little ghost icon. Others can instantly add you to Snapchat by aiming the icon on their phone at your profile on your phone. It’s a miniature QR code.


2. To check out who has viewed your story, message, or picture, tap the eyeball icon featured on your post. It will show you how many times your post has been viewed and who’s viewed it.


3. Use the app for a quick video conference call by swiping right from the camera screen to see all your contacts. From there, you've got the option to send friends a text. If the person you're hoping to chat with is on the app at the same time you are, you'll see a blue circle on the bottom right of the screen start to bubble up. Just press and hold the blue button to start a video chat.


There’s a learning curve associated with Snapchat, to be sure, but with its rising popularity, it’s an essential app to understand in the modern business world.


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