Old-School Comfort Meets New-School Chefs At Coin Laundry

Old-school comfort meets new-school chefs at Coin Laundry

Serving up a fat slice of nostalgia and retro comfort food, Coin Laundry, an eatery located on Exmouth Market, launched in December and already has a legion of fans.


“Laundry is a laid back neighbourhood bar serving up proper comfort food, 70s revival cocktails and a big fat slice of nostalgia,” according to its website.


Open on two floors, the eatery has a “common room” feel to it that includes board games and social events like book clubs and other gatherings.


Breakfast offerings include a potato waffle with a fried egg and sausage, a crab omelet, or even a smoked haddock.


Fans say to come for the Chicken Kiev, which is made with hand-foraged wild garlic and a secret bread-crumb blend and a "Kiev counter" in the dining room counting down how many are still left in the kitchen. Other dishes on the menu include a rabbit balti pie, a purple picked egg with chipsticks to dip in it and cauliflower cheese steak. Homemade crisps are served with little parcels of seasoning, so you can season to taste.


Its dessert menu also promises diners something sweet to finish their meals with. It boasts Yorkshire profiteroles, pineapple upside-down cake, a banana boat built for two, and a Black Forest trifle.


Coin Laundry is open seven days a week, hours vary. Find out more at www.coinlaundry.co.uk.


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