How To Connect With Anybody Easily

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How To Connect With Anybody Easily

Recent research out of the University of California, Los Angeles has determined that having a social life—interacting with others and feeling part of a ‘tribe’—is nearly as important to us as human beings as food, shelter, and a sense of security. Even more? Being ‘social’ isn’t necessarily something a person is born with. Studies have shown that sociability isn’t a trait that we have or we don’t—it can be something we learn.


Connections, both professional and social, are vital to our quality of life. Looking to bond with your fellow human being more in the New Year? Here are a few tips to try.


First, come out swinging. First impressions are made within seconds of meeting and the other person then spends the following small talk and conversation justifying their initial judgement of you. Have a relaxed smile on when you meet someone new, be sure your body language is open and inviting, and make comfortable eye contact with the new person—all surefire ways to come across as a warm, interested potential ally.


The second most important trick in connecting with another person is getting their name right. Memorise it immediately upon introduction and be sure to use it in the following conversation. People love the sound of their name and showing that you were paying enough attention to remember it, immediately sets the stage for meaningful connection.


Above all, be yourself. People tend to have good intuition and can be put off when someone is trying too hard. Go with the conversational flow and contribute in authentic ways. Connection is sure to follow!



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