Phonox: New London Club Encourages Dancing, Not Selfies

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Phonox: New London Club Encourages Dancing, Not Selfies

In light of the recent rash of closings of music venues and bars across London lately, it’s a dose of good news when an exciting new nightspot pops up. Folks in Brixton have cause to celebrate as a new club named Phonox has recently opened its doors and promises one thing—fun and lots of it.


The new venue is headed by Andy Peyton, director of the Shoreditch club XOYO, who has indicated that Phonox will focus on showcasing underground DJs rather than booking big names. Opening as a traditional bar with comfortable seating each night at 6 p.m., the after-hours vibe will shift to a more dance-friendly space later at night.


A novel twist on Phonox includes its take on phones and cameras. According to the guidelines listed on the club’s website, social media is considered faux pas at Phonox.


“Enjoy the party; please avoid using phones or cameras to take photos: our dance floor’s for dancing,” the site reads.


Located at 418 Brixton Road, Phonox is open from Thursday through Saturday and has a house DJ (DJ Jasper James) each Saturday. Special guest DJs will perform on Fridays. For more information, visit



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