Enhance every meal: 3 Tips to remain mindful at mealtimes

Enhance Every Meal: 3 Tips To Remain Mindful At Mealtimes

If you stop to think about it, eating is the one thing we do that keeps us alive. But we’re just so busy that eating often becomes a thing we do while we’re doing other things. We eat at our desks or forget to have lunch all together. Family dinners sometimes feel like a luxury from a bygone era.

What do we lose when we eat as an afterthought? The flavours, the aromas, the experience, the joy. And what do we gain? Well, weight, a lot of the time, because we’re eating poorly and we’re eating more than we realise.

Looking to slow down and enjoy your food more? Here are three tips to help you out:

1. No multi-tasking

Eating while working at your computer or binge watching a show diverts your attention away from your food and basically gives you meal amnesia. You’ll shovel food in with no memory of whether it was good or not—or even how much you ate!


2. Down size

Big plates? Big servings! It’s a proven research-backed fact. Sizing down from a 12-inch plate to a 10-inch plate makes people load up on 22 percent fewer calories.


3. Put the fork down

Setting your fork down between bites puts a kibosh on the mindless shoveling we sometimes get into at meal times. It creates natural pauses in our meal that can invite conversation, relaxation, or actual tasting of the food.


Mindful eating is a great practice for more enjoyment of the meal itself and better health overall.


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