Celebrate Valentine’s Day without the relationship

Celebrate Valentine’s Day without the relationship

The onslaught of oversharing is coming. The proposal posts, the giant teddy bear photos, the glut of chocolate and wine baskets from some adoring sweetheart. They’re coming—and if you’re single this Valentine’s Day, you might be feeling just a little left out.


But take heart (ha ha, get it?). Valentine’s Day celebrates love and the chances are high that you’ve got lots of love in your life, even if it’s not the romantic type. This Valentine’s Day, if you’re without that special someone, consider celebrating with the other important folks in your life.


Start with friends. Plan a dinner date for the whole group and celebrate each other with a great meal and fantastic drinks. Take it a step further if you have plenty of single friends and have an anti-love party with great music, great food, and zero pressure to make romantic connections with anybody that night.


Another idea is to celebrate your city by falling in love with IT. With a nod to the gods of love, take yourself on an exciting date and get to know eateries, music venues, and museums that you might not have had time to visit yet.


Finally, celebrate yourself. Invest in your favourite flowers, a new book, or anything else that reminds you just how special you are.


Forget the hype this Valentine’s Day and look beyond the over-hyped romance—celebrate love in unique and creative ways and enjoy the day.


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