A World of Weird: Visit London’s Hunterian Museum

A World of Weird: Visit London’s Hunterian Museum


The next time you’re lamenting the fact that there’s nothing new under the London sun, consider a trip to the macabre and morbid world of the Hunterian Museum, located in the Lincoln’s Inn Fields district.



Named after John Hunter, a distinguished Scottish scientist and surgeon, the venue is located inside the Royal College of Surgeons London.



If you’re looking for mundane artefacts and drab, obscure abstract paintings, this isn’t the place for you.



The Hunterian Museum houses nearly 3,500 artifacts from Hunter’s personal collection, including fossils, anatomical and pathological preparations (animal and bug bodies!), the 7-foot tall skeleton of the “Irish Giant” Charles Bryne, and a tooth belonging to the now-extinct giant sloth-like mammal, the megatherium. It also prominently displays the history of medical instruments with actual artifacts from the history of surgery.



The museum’s exhibits rotate regularly—the current exhibit is “War, Art and Surgery: Work by Julia Midgley” and features artwork by Midgley who spent 18 months observing military medical training.


Admission to the Hunterian Museum is free, though a small donation is suggested. For more information, visit http://www.rcseng.ac.uk/museums/hunterian



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