Clear Inbox, Clear Mind: Tips For Taming The Inbox Clutter

Clear Inbox, Clear Mind: Tips For Taming The Inbox Clutter

There’s an old adage that says an orderly desk signifies an orderly mind. But what about life in the digital world?


It’s been proven that productivity levels thrive in organiesd environments and your email inbox is no different. Do you find yourself wading through annoying one-time offers and “deal of the century” messages so much that you struggle to find the important e-mails from your boss?


You’re in need of a good digital spring cleaning and a plan to control the inbox clutter going forward.


To start, you need to settle in and erase and organise your inbox. Start by erasing all the spam, the useless offers, and the messages you no longer need. Create logical folders if you haven’t already, and move old messages into appropriate holding tanks if you can’t part with them.


You should also take this time to unsubscribe to all of those daily and weekly newsletters that you don’t actually read or use. Most (if not all) have that handy-dandy “unsubscribe” link at the bottom that will take care of the awkward breakup for you.


And then there’s the daily maintenance factor. Experts suggest you set aside a specific time each day to answer and prune your emails. Twenty to thirty minutes should be enough, but the takeaway is to have the time blocked out every day so that the inbox weeds don’t get a chance to multiply over the course of a few days. Of course, emergencies and important messages will need to be handled immediately, but maintenance should be done at the same time every work day.


An organised inbox helps you stay on top of personal communication—a vital aspect of professional leadership and success that many overlook. Take small steps every day for a huge payoff in the long run.


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