When Coffee Became Complicated, But Better.

When Coffee Became Complicated, But Better.

Want a cup of coffee? You better know exactly what you’re after! Gone are the days where asking for a cup of coffee meant you would receive a ceramic cup of generic dark liquid; its predominant purpose is to perk you up. Coffee is serious business world over and London is a fierce competitor.


Here are 3 of our favourite caffeinated haunts:


East London

Hipster terminology may have run its course but Hackney is still home to the world of cool and its coffee kingdom is no different. Climpson & Sons’ flagship café on Broadway Market is consistently busy, with their own roastery nearby. And the avocado on toast is splendid.


South London

Not for those looking to lounge around in comfort, nor for those wanting a decaf soy latte (they only use full-fat milk), Monmouth Coffee is all about quality and if you’re a fan of brewed coffee, well, you may have found London’s stand-out here.


Central London

With an open space and an array of Neal’s Yard products, you probably won’t want to leave Prufrock once you’ve sat down. Whether you’re an espresso person or a filter fan, you will leave a happier and more caffeinated version of yourself. If you do in fact, leave.


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