Here’s How To Celebrate Spring In London

Here’s How To Celebrate Spring In London

It’s happened, you guys. The sun is out and it’s been out for more than three days in a row. This means that it’s time to celebrate, because who knows how long it will last! Here are 3 easy ways to enjoy London while it’s on its best, weatherly behaviour:


1. Victoria Park – Less crowded than Hyde Park but still filled with green spaces. This East side gem is the perfect place to read under a tree, picnic with friends or go for a cycle, if you’re feeling adventurous.

Victoria Park


2. Thames River Boat – Take your pick of boat services, with competitive prices making some journeys from Westminster to Greenwich as low as £7 if you have a voucher.

Thames River Boat


3. Dance in the street – You have the sun to thank for these outdoor tango classes in Spitalfields. Catering for beginners as well those more advanced in the dance of love, Tango Fever turns into an ‘event’ after the class. First time is free!

Dance in the street 

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