A Better Way To Sign Off Your Email

You may never put a face to the great majority of the people you work with. Not even the tone of their voice gives you a clue as to their makeup – just black and white words. How you sign off on emails may be your only opportunity to inject a modicum of insight into your inner workings.


Beware the temptation to sign off with a quotation, unless you’re absolutely certain it is fitting to most everything you will be corresponding about. A former boss, a filmmaker, once granted an interview to a journalist solely because of the life-enhancing quote from Rocky at the bottom of her email.


1) “Best” or “All the best” is the safest and most reliable sign off; but can also be rather monotonous and dull.


2) “Thank you so much for….” or “Looking forward to talking next/to meeting you/to etc” is slightly warmer, but should be used only when appropriate.


3) “Kind regards” can seem patronising – but then again you may want to seem patronising at times.


4) “Cheers” or “Ta”? Approach with caution; you risk seeming bluff and cocky.


5) “Ciao” can sound pretentious unless you’re Italian or living in Italy, but its flavour and brio is undeniable and may be worth it, especially after you’ve exchanged an email or two with the person.


How will you sign off today and why?


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