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Lessons From Trump: Yes There Are Some!

No Comments11 August, 2016
Lessons From Trump: Yes There Are Some!

The rise of Donald Trump to become the almost-sure American Republican presidential nominee inspires many emotions and thoughts in any rational human being. Here are some useful things he might bring up for us:


1) For all of us who scoffed at the buffoon and his slim-to-none chances of advancing, it’s an admonition that so much is beyond our understanding and control that it’s wise to try and stay away from assumptions, which can make you look foolish in the end.


2) Supporting the above, as the essayist and analyst Nassim Nicholas Taleb pointed out in his book “The Black Swan”, as much as statistical models can make us feel more secure, they rarely apply to real life. He calls this a ludic fallacy.


3) Just because Trump’s ideas fall apart at any analysis doesn’t mean that the emotions that they inspire in his followers are not powerful enough and numerous enough to affect all of us.


4) One imagines that people in countries where extreme Far Right leaders came to power derided them in the beginning too.


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