The True Self: Questions To Ask Yourself

The True Self: Questions To Ask Yourself

The mantra to stay true to yourself is everywhere today. But is there really such a thing as “the true self”? A self that is our essence?


Maybe our true self is like the air or the water - something that is always changing? If we look at it this way, trying to search for “the true self” and then making decisions from that place might actually be limiting.


It might be preventing us from trying new things and seeing how they feel, which is the way that we grow and change – and discover. Most of us think that labels can box you in – so maybe the idea of “the true self” is just one more label.


Perhaps it is more helpful to look outward, not inward.


Maybe forgetting about the self would allow us more freedom and, in the end, greater awareness? It may be worthy of exploring and experimentation.


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