Latest Nail Trend? Naked!

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It’s been a wild summer for nail enthusiasts. From the globby bubble nails to siren-inspired mermaid nails, women’s hands worldwide have been shellacked, rounded, gooped up and glittered into oblivion.

Now, as the seasons begin their shift into autumn and women everywhere break out their favourite cashmere sweaters and riding boots, the fashion world is flexing their fingers in anticipation of the next trend around the bend for nails—nakedness!


That’s right, according to nail stylist to the stars Leah Light, a toned-down and natural look is what’s going to be hot as the temperatures cool.

“The naked manicure is so easy to achieve because it's all about clean, natural nails that don't require nail polish to look fantastic,” Light told the Daily Mail in a recent article.

Naked nails is all about healthy, well-trimmed nails that shine. Tools like cuticle oil, nail scissors, a whitening tooth paste (optional, but helpful to remove yellowing on nail beds from previous polish use) and a light nude colour if desired are all you need to get your hands on the next big thing in nail art.


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