2 Simple Ways to Develop Your Own “Brand"

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Branding isn’t just for athletic shoes and make up lines anymore—in fact, it’s what can help set you apart in your professional life if you find it harder and harder to stand out in a crowd. Here are two quick ways to start developing your own personal brand in the office:


1. Own a niche

Even if you work as a team on a large project, find a space in that project to own. Whether it’s being the go-to person for customer service, PowerPoint presentations or white papers, find an expertise or service that’s not readily available in your field and own it.


2. Dress for the job you want

Clothes make the (wo)man. If you’re lugging coffee to the execs but you dream of the corner office, dress for the job you’re after and present yourself (and your brand) as a contender for the good jobs.

Brands are everywhere and maintaining your own professional image can mean the difference between the job you have and the job you want!


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