2 Bold Hairstyles to Try in Autumn

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Pumpkin spice is everywhere! You know what that means, it’s autumn and it’s time to shake up your style and beauty routines in celebration of falling temperatures. In this spirit, here are two great hairstyles on the horizon to try:


1. The Hair Knot

Move over ballerina bun, the hair-knot made its way across runways in both autumn and spring shows and is a fantastic alternative to traditional buns this autumn. Hair-knots add dimension and fun to the typical conservative office hair-do!

For a great tutorial, visit Pose - goo.gl/rGjbH8

2 Bold Hairstyles to Try in Autumn


2. Bold, Jewelled Accessories

Thin, wispy headbands are out and bold, jewel-toned hair accessories are in. These conversation pieces are not only head-turners, but they also make a statement on their own when paired with more toned-down office wear. Wear one or mix and match a few to create your own unique fascinator! 

2 Bold Hairstyles to Try in Autumn



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