Shake Up Your Beauty Ruts With a Challenge

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We all get stuck in beauty ruts—the same haircut for five years, the same go-to eye shadow we buy time and time again. There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you like, but every once in a while a little shakeup in your routine can open you up to a world of possibility.

Shake Up Your Beauty Ruts With a Challenge

One way of shaking things up is by challenging yourself to a beauty challenge. The concept is simple—pick an aspect of your beauty routine you think could use some change and agree to try something new each day for at least a week.

Shake Up Your Beauty Ruts With a Challenge

A good place to start is with lips. Lipstick is a great way to be bold and adventurous, all while maintaining the ability to wipe off that deep berry matte if you have an impromptu lunch meeting with your ultra-conservative boss. To really challenge yourself, head to your local Boots or SpaceNK if you are feeling fancy and pick seven lipstick colours outside of your comfort zone and commit to wearing a new colour each day.

You’ll find yourself feeling a little more confident, a little wilder and possibly, a little more adventurous—all because you’re wearing a vampy berry lipstick!


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