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3 words you might be using incorrectly at work

We all want to impress people with our intelligence and our ability to form witty, effective sentences. But did you realise that there are a number of common words out there that people consistently misuse? Make sure you check our list of the top 3 misused words at work before firing off that next email!


1. Peruse

Commonly used to imply that you’ve casually looked over something, peruse actually means to read or review something carefully.


2. Supposed to

People constantly forget the “d” in supposed to and write it as “suppose” to. It’s wrong. Make sure you’re not making this common error! Similar to “used to” as in “I used to cover the phones up front during lunch.” Be sure not to drop the “d” in either word.


3. Irregardless

Often used in an argument, irregardless is a made-up word! What you’re looking for is actually “regardless,” which means without paying attention to the current situation. “Irregardless” appears to be a mash up of regardless and irrespective, which share the same meaning.



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