Accessorise! This Autumn's Sharp New Trend

Accessorise! This Autumn's Sharp New Trend


Just the word conjures up images of boot sales and charity shops. But at the largest Autumn 2015 fashion shows this year, bejewelled pins of all shapes and sizes were spotted. Runways around the world all sported old-fashioned lapel pins on their models and the trend is sure to spill into offices across the country.

From funky cats to fancy initials, there’s a brooch to fit every personality and nothing helps you brand yourself like a signature accessory. Dust off your old jewellery box and pull out some of those hand-me-downs you’ve kept over the years. If we learned anything this season, it’s everything vintage is new again.

Looking to kick it up a notch? Make like the models did and pin the smaller brooches into your sophisticated up do. The sparkly accents will be eye-catching and as unique as you are.


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