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3 Tricks to Nailing the Smokey Eye

3 Tricks to Nailing the Smokey Eye 

Take Cara Delevingne for example. She might mean a lot of different things to people, but to makeup enthusiasts at least, the girl is a major hit. Her signature smokey eye may seem too difficult, but here are three tips to consider when gearing up for the smouldering, sultry look:

1. Primer

    Smokey eyes require more makeup product that more natural looks do. Invest in a decent eye makeup primer and apply to your lids before you begin the eye shadow application. Your look will last longer and hold truer.


    2. Smokey doesn’t have to mean black

      Smokey eyes simply means a deeper hue accentuates the corners of your eyes creating that sensual “cat eye” look and it doesn’t mean you have to use the blackest shade of charcoal on your makeup palette. Opt for deep jewel tones instead—smokey eyes are perfect canvases for deep plums, brilliant mossy shades and even sapphire blues.


      3. Curl your lashes

        Makeup experts everywhere say that “come hither” look requires bright, open eyes—a feat usually achieved by curling your lashes with an eyelash curler. Be sure to curl lashes before putting any product like mascara on them to avoid a goopy, sticky mess.



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