Three secret tools of makeup professionals

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Three secret tools of makeup professionals

Beauty is big business and celebrities around the world pay top dollar to keep an army of professional makeup artists and stylists on hand—all in the name of beauty.

Think you need a huge bank account to look like a professional applied your makeup for you? Think again. Learn from the pros—here are three makeup tools makeup professionals rave about:


1. Powder Puffs 

Yes, those incredibly cheap drugstore powder puffs can be found in nearly every professional tool kit. Why? They’re multipurpose! Use them to blend and settle your foundation, pat down a coat of translucent powder or even blend cream blushes and highlighters.


2. L’Oreal Clean Artist Correction Pen

    This little beauty instantly removes any errant makeup that ends up out of place. Mis-swipe that charcoal grey? It’s gone with a simple swipe of the correction pen. It’s also handy on mascara, lipstick and eyeliner.


    3. Egyptian Magic skin cream

      Kate Hudson swears by it and Oprah even had it on her show. Egyptian Magic skin cream uses six simple ingredients and has a horde of loyal followers around the world thanks to its ability to effectively moisturise everything from your hair to your under eyes— all the way down to your heels.



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