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In a relationship? 3 key habits to making it last

Think you’re home free now that you’ve found Mr. Right? Maybe even married him? Not quite. Despite being out of the land of the single and into a new relationship postcode, you still have a few things to consider if you want to make a long-term go with your significant other.

Here are three habits to keep to ensure your sanity and your partner’s!


1. Explore together


Whether you’ve been together three months or thirty years, you need to keep active and explore new activities and experiences together to keep your relationship alive and healthy. Exploring, travel and other adventures with your partner has been proven to create new bonds over the years.


2. Explore alone


On the other hand, your significant other chose you for a reason. Your uniqueness, the special qualities that make you who you are both played a part in what drew your partner to you. Be sure to continue to explore who you are as a person as your relationship grows. Keeping up your own passions and interests is vital to your health and happiness, completely independent of your relationship with others. Get out and have fun by yourself once in a while!


3. Be willing to work


It’s going to get tough. It is. It’s a fact of life when two humans become everything and everybody to another and when it gets ugly, you need to have the drive to work out differences for a long-lasting, healthy relationship.



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