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Here’s how to NEVER start a work e-mail


Many millennials can’t imagine a time before e-mail, let alone how work existed without the medium.


But in the early days of his career, hotel magnate Jonathan M. Tisch was given a single piece of vital advice that pertained to the antiquated art of writing an actual pen-and-paper letter.


"My boss told me that whenever you're writing a letter — and now it applies to emails today — never start a paragraph with the word 'I,' because that immediately sends a message that you are more important than the person that you're communicating with," Tisch explains to the New York Times in a recent interview.


Today, he applies this rule to all his email correspondence and encourages others to do so as well.


"When you start to train your thinking about how to not use 'I,' you become a better writer and it teaches you how to really think through an issue," he explains. "What are you really trying to say and how are you going to say it without starting the paragraph with the word 'I?'"



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