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How to rebound at work after you've made a mistake

Those cringe-worthy moments at work that can haunt us for days and cause us to lose sleep are awful. Unfortunately, they’re also almost inevitable and happen to the best of us.

Have you recently made a blunder that’s caused you a little heartburn and a lot of regret? Chin up, Buttercup and learn the best way to handle embarrassing professional gaffes.

The key? Don’t react immediately and offer more than one solutions to your goof. That said, if you can retract a mistake (sending something too early, perhaps), do it. If you can’t, sit down and make a plan of action.

How to rebound at work after you've made a mistake

Figure out the most appropriate person to approach in this situation and before you move to ‘fess up, have two or three possible solutions to your mistake in hand. Be proactive, apologise once, and be ready to move forward with your day.

Remember that everyone makes a mistake and don’t let it drag you down. Keep your chin up and move forward!


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