Feeling challenged? 3 tips to change your perspective and overcome

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Feeling challenged? 3 tips to change your perspective and overcome

Feeling blocked is the worst—it cripples your enthusiasm and make even the brightest days somehow harder. Sometimes, it’s just the hard knocks that life has to offer and we’re sure there’s nothing we can do. But more often than not, the secret to getting unstuck lies in changing how you view yourself and your situation. Here are three ways to change your view on the situation and open yourself to change:


1. Visualise your situation

Whether it’s a project at work or a difficult relationship with a loved one, the first step in gaining some insight lies in visualising the situation. Clearly picture yourself in the situation at hand and clearly imagine all the players involved.


2. Pan out to see the bigger picture

While you’re meditating on the situation at hand, pan your view of it out further and further. Look beyond the immediate situation and look further—to parallel relationships and circumstances and see what you can uncover. Do you notice anything helpful to your current issue?


3. Take Action

With what you observed about your challenge, it’s time to take action. Approach the conversation in a new way or look outside for help if you need to. The point here is that now you’ve gained a little more insight into whatever is holding you back, you need to take baby steps to change your life and your mindset.



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