Ready to switch directions? Easy ways to incorporate change when you need it

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Ready to switch directions? Easy ways to incorporate change when you need it

Nearly every person struggles with change on some level in their lives. Whether you fear major life changes like moving across country, switching careers or ending relationships or smaller, simple changes in your daily routine cause you stress, change can be scary but it doesn’t have to be. Here are simple steps to make change less of a struggle:


1. Reduce your expectations

We hang on to expectations sometimes without realising it. We expect a new job to grant us a certain amount of instant joy and gratification or we expect our lunch date to fulfill every trait we’re seeking in an ideal mate. In order to embrace change, you need to work on getting rid of all of your pre-conceived notions and expectations you’ve placed on the changing situation. Let go of expectations and embrace the adventure instead.


2. Acknowledge the change

It’s happening. You need to put a name on the change you’re fighting so hard and realise that it’s happening. If you’re moving out of a beloved apartment to somewhere new, it’s time to accept the truth. Suddenly single and not happy about it? Take stock of your life and really come to grip with the situation that a relationship ended.


3. Accept the change

You’ve reduced your expectations, you’ve acknowledged something’s changing and now it’s time to accept it. Shop for new curtains for the kitchen in your new place. Let your friends set you up with someone new when the time’s right—the point is to happily embrace the change and to welcome the great new things it will bring to your life.



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