4 daily habits of a happier life

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4 daily habits of a happier life 

Happiness is not a sacred destination we spend our entire lives chasing—in fact, several scientific studies in recent years have shown that positive habits increase joyful thoughts and feelings of ease in daily life. Here are 4 small habits that could add up big for you:


1. Listen attentively

It’s hard. Sometimes, it’s impossible when you’re distracted and swimming inside your own thoughts, but really stopping your own internal chatter long enough to focus in on another’s thoughts and feelings not only increases your capacity for happiness, it builds important bonds between people.


2. Develop an abundance mindset

Not easy by any stretch of the imagination, but this habit could reap the biggest rewards. Instead of bemoaning the junky car your drive or the fact that you didn’t get the promotion last quarter, take a look around at the awesome friends you have and the fact that you’ve got a roof over your head and warm blankets to snuggle under.


3. Work towards a dream

Pick a dream, any dream, and make sure that each day you take at least one, small step towards realising that lofty, exciting goal. If you dream of traveling to Korea someday, try learning one new Korean word each day. Keep the dream fresh by taking small, fun steps toward it every day and you’ll never feel like a day was wasted.


4. Forgive

This might be the simplest, and most difficult, step to incorporate, but understand that carrying the dead weight of a grudge around really only affects you, the person carrying it. Forgive others as often as you can, even if it’s the person who cut you off in traffic. Brush it off, wish them well, and move through your day a little less burdened.



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