Getting out of your own way: how to stop working against yourself

Getting out of your own way: how to stop working against yourself

It’s a proven fact that our thoughts basically shape our reality. While we can’t conjure up a luxury car or a six-figure salary overnight with some happy thoughts, we certainly can make our lives harder with negative emotions and the drain of all creativity: anxiety.

Anxious thoughts are like poison to your mental wellbeing and happiness, but they’re often hard to round up and tame.

The key to beating your bouts of anxiety so you can get more out of life is to identify thought patterns that don’t work for you—ways of thinking that drag you into repetitive, anxious thoughts that you may wander into without realising it.

Do you always stress about money worries as you’re drifting off to sleep? Do you panic at work when things get a little busier than you planned? Spend the day aware of the ups and downs in your moods and pinpoint when anxious thoughts drag you down and what exactly caused them. You might find that you’re a repeat offender—that certain situations in your life automatically cause you to drop into worry-brain.

When you’ve figured out your triggers, it’s time to retrain your brain with new habits. If you spend your last few minutes before sleep, anxiously thinking about money or the day ahead, try listening to meditations or soft, calming music as you drift to sleep. If you fall apart as tasks pile up on your desk, be proactive and map out your day ahead of time, concentrating on putting together a to-do list of all the day’s activities and deadlines.

Anxiety is an easy habit to fall into—it’s automatic and requires little or no work from you, but it’s damaging and counterproductive. Getting a handle on your own anxiety could be the key to opening new opportunities and experiences in life.

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