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Lighten your load: Two great weekend retreats and what to wear

Lighten your load: Two great weekend retreats and what to wear

Whether life at the job is wearing you down or you and your partner are just plain bored with the same routine, everyone needs to get away every now and then. London’s got everything you need, but when you need something new, an impromptu weekend away is just what the doctor ordered. Looking to get out of town? Try one of these suggestions:


1. Brighton

Down south, the beaches are beautiful year round and Brighton’s got the best of them. Enjoy walks on the pier or a good plate of fish n’ chips. 


2. Avon-upon-Stratford

Any literature fan worth their salt needs to visit the birthplace of William Shakespeare and at just two hours away, AvS is a great pick for a weekend abroad.

Whether you drive 40 minutes or 40 hours to your destination, remember to pack impromptu pieces for you weekend away so you’re not bogged down with bothersome folding or packing.

Lightweight, comfortable, like Zelle Studio’s Elise zip-front cardigan, make your day exploring comfortable and your suitcase light.




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