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Food trends to watch out for this autumn

Food trends to watch out for this autumn

Think runways and fashion magazines are the only way to keep up with current trends? Think again—squeezing in a trip to your local food truck or farmer's market could help you be, and stay, in the culinary know in 2015.

What to watch out for?

1. Dirty French

It sounds a little, well, raunchy, but dirty French is the name given to the movement that takes classic, Michelin-worthy French cuisine and gives it a gritty, urban vibe.


2. Even more fermented foods

Fermented foods will continue to rise in popularity—look out for designer kimchi and kombucha to hit store shelves everywhere.


3. Bone broth

Not just for the paleo or CrossFit incline anymore, bone broth is quickly hitting its stride this year with the mainstream. Health conscious folks, and a few savvy retailers, are catching on that vitamin-rich broth makes for a much better morning pick me up than that sugar-bomb coffee drink, so expect to see more people sipping soup than caffeine.



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