Renaissance woman? How to focus when you're interested in ALL THE THINGS

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You’re great at knitting. You love to watercolour. You’re signed up for a Korean language class and you’re eyeing that stained-glass kit at the craft store. Do all of your hobbies and interests have you feeling scatterbrained and that you’re really getting nothing done other than scouring Pinterest.


Have a million-and-one things you like to do? Here’s how you can love everything under the sun and still stay focused:


1. Break your activities and interests into two main categories

You’ll have the must-haves which are at the core of your very being. If you’re an artist, it’s your art. If you’re a writer, it’s your words. These activities are your priority and need to be scheduled every single day if possible. Beyond that? Look for other interests that make you happy, even if you can’t visit them each day.

Give yourself once a week, once every two weeks to experience these activities and stay in balance. Any leftovers that don’t quite fit either of the first two categories? Shelve them until later. Needles and yarn will always be there, my friend. You can come back to them.


2. Experiment and explore

How’s your new focus working out for you? Is it bringing you fulfilment and joy? Yes? Perfect. You’ve found the activities your soul needs. Missing something? Reshuffle, explore and try again. Life’s a work in progress and you get to adjust your hobbies and passions as many times as you need to until you find what’s right for you!



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