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Moving past the fear: How to ease anxiety and get centred

Moving past the fear: How to ease anxiety and get centred

Fear is a nasty beast. It actively steals the joy in your life, robs you of restful sleep and generally makes for an awful, anxiety-ridden existence if allowed to go unchecked.

But scary thoughts can creep up on the best of us. What’s a girl to do? Here’s a couple of fear-blasting tips to get you back to your centred happy place next time you feel yourself slipping into the anxiety-riddled dark side.


1. It’s all about the present moment

Repeat that. It’s all about what’s in front of you right now, at this moment. It’s not about the purchase that might send your bank funds into the negative or the fact that the person you’re dating hasn’t returned your text since last Tuesday night. What’s in front of you right now that brings you joy? Focus on that and remember that, really, nothing outside of your present moment matters.


2. Awareness, awareness, awareness

The key to this tool is knowing that you actually do have control over your mind and it’s up to you to be aware when your mind is slipping into old habits out of default. Be aware of what’s happening in your mind and make the necessary corrections as you need to.



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