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Like a light switch: One simple adjustment for more self confidence

Like a light switch: One simple adjustment for more self confidence

Self-confidence is more than thinking you’re pretty spectacular (but you are, honestly, pretty spectacular!). It’s a way of carrying yourself and allowing yourself to shine in moments you might think beyond your capabilities.

For people who sometimes lack the oodles of self-confidence that others might seem to have, there’s one simple trick that can shake you of your self-doubt and put you on the path to more self-esteem and confidence.

The trick is simple—be nicer to yourself.

Sounds ridiculous, right? But the key to this tool lies in the fact that your inner voice is the one you spend the most time with. Make it a point to turn off the awful self-talk that drones on in your head if you’re feeling less than beautiful or a little less prepared for the office presentation than you feel you should be.

Turn that voice off by replacing it with a pep talk. Say good morning to your beautiful self instead and congratulate yourself on all the hard work you did in preparation for the presentation. The results will be instant and effective and you’ll feel the effects increase the more you practice this long-lost art of positive self-talk.


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