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3 Ways to Improve Your Professional Relationships

3 Ways to Improve Your Professional Relationships

Whether they’re vendors, mentors or direct reports, your professional relationships are a vital part of your career’s health and your overall happiness. Here are three easy ways to keep your professional relationships in great shape:


1. Practice common courtesy

It should go without saying, but simple things like showing up on time, keeping your technological distractions at bay, and using plenty of pleases and thank yous will keep your relationships on the up and up.


2. Listen more than you talk

It’s hard to learn to keep your end of the conversation to a minimum when the other person is speaking, but active listening is a vital key to ensuring the other person feels heard and understood—vital parts of healthy professional relationships.


3. Schedule time

Set aside one breakfast a month and spend it with an important person in your professional life. Modern technology makes it easy to stay connected through screens, but nothing beats one-on-one face time and helps keep the connection alive.


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