3 Amazingly Simple Ways To Make Your Life More Fun

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Fun. Do you even remember what that is anymore? Modern life is full of deadlines, bills, hangovers and mass media—a bunch of stuff that, for the most part is the antithesis of fun. So many of us think fun is just something for kids—something we leave behind as we get more responsibilities piled on us. But fun is vital and fun keeps us young. Need more of it in your life? Here are three simple ways to bring the fun back in your life:


1. Write a bucket list

Now, climbing Mt. Everest is a great thing to dream about, but you should incorporate more realistic fun adventures for yourself into an annual “bucket” list. Each year, write down a list of adventures you want to go on, experiences you want to have and things you want to accomplish that bring joy to your life. Work like hell each year to check as many off as you can.


2. Give yourself permission

Schedule fun into your week. Seriously. Write down something fun to do each week as you’re plotting out your bills and your hair appointment. Whether you’re going bowling with your best friend or biking by yourself, write it down and give yourself permission.


3. Give thanks

Gratitude is so good for the soul, but can it help you have more fun? Of course it can. With an adjusted outlook on your life—one full of thanks for all of the good things you’ve got going on—you’ll find yourself in the right metal state to have more fun.



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