How A Meditation Practice Can Transform Your Life

How A Meditation Practice Can Transform Your Life

With a history that spans back centuries and practitioners who run the gamut across cultures, socioeconomic status and educational backgrounds, meditation is a balm that has something to offer everyone. Whether you’re seeking enlightenment or better sleep (or something in between), meditation has the power to change your life. Here are couple ways it transforms you:

It gives you a quieter mind that can focus

Simply sitting in meditation for ten to twenty minutes a day can lighten the load on your brain significantly, according to recent studies. Practitioners responded better to external stressors and even showed better signs of concentration after meditation. If you’ve got a million thoughts racing through your mind at any given time, consider slowing them with a few minutes of simply sitting still and letting your mind rest.

This quieter mind focuses on good things

With a frantic mind, comes frantic thoughts. These sorts of thinking patterns rob you of sleep and an overall sense of joy if left unchecked. With meditation, finding the good in life, even in those small, perfect moments, becomes easier because you’ve lessened the burden in your mind. Finding the good in life, even the good of a perfectly round rain puddle or a perfectly brewed cup of tea, is a blessing in itself and brings the joy back in to your life one moment at a time. Meditation fosters an awareness of your life and of everything, big and small, happening around you.



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