2 Simple Steps To Keep Your Place Neater Every Day

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2 Simple Steps To Keep Your Place Neater Every Day

Do you have those days where you wish your place was just a few degrees neater? We’re not talking professionally cleaned by a uniformed maid service or anything—just a little tidier for your day to day? Here are three easy tricks to keep your home tidier:


1. Use your wall space

Hooks are inexpensive ways to get things like coats, scarves and purses up and away from flat surfaces. Flat surfaces, as we all know, can make a place look messy if they’re stuffed items left in passing. Renting? No worries. There are hooks on the market that can hold your things and don’t require you to nail into the wall.


2. More rubbish bins

Putting more rubbish or recycling receptacles in high-traffic spaces give you a leg up on keeping your space neat by minimising the temptation to take care of cast-off papers and receipts (and other ephemera like it!) at a later time. Clear your space of any rubbish or recycling each time you enter it and you’re on your way to a neater existence.



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