Incorporate The Hottest Japanese Tidying System Into Your Own Home

Incorporate The Hottest Japanese Tidying System Into Your Own Home: The KonMari Method

You’ve probably hidden yourself firmly underneath a rock if you at least haven’t heard of the bestselling home organising book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Japanese author Marie Kondo. Published in 2011, the book and its devotees didn’t make mainstream in the Western media until sometime last year, but now that the KonMari method has made landfall, it’s probably not going anywhere for a while.

Part self-help book, part how-to manual the method outlined in the book urges readers to “spark joy” in their lives by ridding themselves of clutter. Interested in learning more? Here are two more take-aways the book offers:


1. Declutter all at once

None of this “one-item-a-day” rubbish. Kondo goes for the jugular when it comes to de-cluttering and advises readers to attack entire sections of your home at once. Dump every book, dish, or piece of clothing you own in the center of the floor and begin moving through every single piece.


2. Keep very few items—and only the important ones

Kondo has no place in her heart for emotional attachments to things in your life that aren’t serving you. If an item doesn’t bring you joy, if it doesn’t actively serve you in some real, tangible way, it needs to disappear and find a new home. She’s very clear in that point and compares keeping things “just in case” to keeping dead weight around your neck.


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