Seeking Simplicity In Your Life? Try These Home Hacks

Seeking Simplicity In Your Life? Try These Home Hacks

If a night at home has you dreaming of massive bonfires of unread magazines and clothes you hang on to “just in case,” you might consider an adjustment in your decorating style. Here are two home hacks to get you on the road to simplicity in no time:

1. Room-by-room audit

Your biggest obstacle is training yourself to do without the things you don’t use every day. Start in your kitchen and assess what you really use on a frequent basis. Put the rest away in storage or donate them. Move on to your living room and into your bedroom. Be harsher than you think you should be and relentlessly remove “things” from each room. More than likely, you won’t miss them.

2. Be a “stuff” gatekeeper

Each time you’re tempted to buy something new, think about just how often you’re going to use it, whether you have something similar that can do the same job, and whether it’s just an emotional purchase. Be ruthless in your gatekeeping—your job is to keep your home from returning to its previous cluttered state and you’re the only thing standing in the way.

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