How Routines Can Keep You Creative At Work And In Life

How Routines Can Keep You Creative At Work And In Life

It’s an assumption that creative people wake up creative—that they sit down at their desk, with their materials of choice and just get to work. That creativity just sort shows up when the creator does and everything goes smoothly. But every creative person on the planet will argue this and point to countless hours spent blocked by distraction or frustration.


The really creative people, the ones who face blocks and still manage to push through, often credit routines to be the key to their ever seemingly unending creativity. Here’s why:


1. Routines force you to show up every time

When you’re not left to your own devices, when you’re doing the same thing, the same way you do daily, your brain doesn’t have time to argue. When you follow specific routines (shower, breakfast, sketching, editing, etc.), you don’t have to wonder what your next step is going to be, you just arrive and do what you’re tasked to do. Showing up day in and day out is the key to success, even if you feel like you’re forcing it.


2. Routines encourage flow

When you’re in your routine, your brain opens up and allows creative ideas and sparks to happen. Flow is that sweet spot that creatives find themselves in when ideas and direction come easily—when it’s not difficult to write the next scene. Flow is where creatives want to be and the easiest way to find flow over and over again is to create a working routine for your creative time.


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