2 Secrets to killing it in a professional conversation

2 Secrets to killing it in a professional conversation

While some people think face-to-face conversation in the professional workplace is a thing of the past thanks to modern conveniences like messaging and email, having a way with words (especially in conversations) is still a skill professionals should hone. Are you looking to dazzle at your next office function? Here are two tips to sharpen your conversational skills:


1. Lead in with niceties

Sometimes you’re at loss when it comes to starting up a conversation in a professional setting. Try starting with a conversation. Complimenting someone’s latest accomplishment, their great shoes or the cool cactus they brought to their cubicle last week is a positive way to get someone talking.


2. Ask questions

Lots of questions. The easiest way to keep an important conversation going when you’re stumbling over the small talk is to ask engaging questions of the other person. Ask them about their latest project, their views on social media or even their take on the buffet. People love to talk about themselves and because they know the subject so well, they’re less likely to be nervous and cagey.


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