2 easy ways to make new friends that matter

2 easy ways to make new friends that matter

It happens in all our lives at least once, sometimes more than that for others—you look around and realise you’re lonely.

You don’t have to be a hermit, single or anti-social to be lonely. Often, as adults we get so busy with our responsibilities and day-to-day life maintenance of self, home and families that we neglect our friendships to the point they fall by the wayside. But adult friendships are vital to our wellbeing and if you’ve found yourself in need a few new buddies, here are a couple tips to help you:


Look to your interests

Start with your hobbies. If you’re a knitter, find a knitting group. If you’re a rock climber, sign up for a membership at a local climbing gym and begin there. If you’re short on hobbies, now’s the time to reconsider what your interests are and pursue one. The easiest connection between two people can often be shared interests.


Go out on a limb

Making friends as adults isn’t easy and rejection can make people fearful about approaching a stranger. If you’re serious about forming new friendships, now’s the time to throw caution to the wind and strike up a conversation with a fellow gardening enthusiast to see if you truly share similar interests and have compatible personalities. Take the lead and if they seem like a potential friend, make the leap and put yourself (and your new friendship) out there, seeing where it leads.


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