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Stressed? Anxious? How to take charge of your emotions

Stressed? Anxious? How to take charge of your emotions

Emotions are an amazing part of being human and can make positive experiences that much sweeter. But when they’re out of control—when they’re colouring your outlook on life (and not the other way around) you might be out of balance emotionally. Here are two easy ways to get them back in check if you feel your emotions taking over:


Return to the moment

Our frustration and anxiety can make a situation feel much bigger than it really is. If your blood pressure is soaring and you feel yourself going over the edge, take a moment and reconsider how big the situation really is. Right there, right where you are—what is that moment? You have your breath and your immediate surroundings. Use this reality to bring whatever was bothering you under control.


Fool your mental state by taking control of your physical state

Sometimes the moment really is huge. If you’re in over your head, fake it until you make it. Slow your breathing until you’re drawing an in breath for at least three seconds and your exhale lasts five seconds. Force your shoulders away from your ears. Straighten your posture and unclench your hands. Physically remove the tension from your body and your mind, and emotions, will follow.



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