Fool yourself into being a morning person with these hacks

Fool yourself into being a morning person with these hacks

Morning people are rare—and often annoying to night owls and people who burn the midnight oil. It might not be easy to be bright eyed and bushy tailed before the sun comes up, but there are simple ways to make it easier for you to be more productive, and cheerier, in the wee hours of the day.


Make sure you’re getting enough sleep

If you’re trying to face the pre-dawn day on four hours of sleep, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Take into consideration that the average adult needs between 7 to 9 hours and set your night before up to ensure that you’re falling somewhere close to that range.


Make mornings a little easier on you

If you’re inclined to be a little (or a lot) groggy first thing after waking up, do yourself a favour and make mornings go smoothly by picking out your clothes the night before, setting up your coffee or tea maker and having your things arranged and ready to go.

Good habits are the key to retraining your brain to thrive in mornings and establishing a couple good ones from the get go will help you successfully embrace the world of early risers!


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