People smarts: 3 signs you are emotionally intelligent

People smarts: 3 signs you are emotionally intelligent

Emotional intelligence is an essential tool in any successful professional’s tool box. More than the ability to understand your own feelings, it’s also how well you’re reading the cues of others and how it all plays together in an office setting.

Think you’re savvy to other’s feelings? Here are three signs that you’re cued in with emotional intelligence:


1. You’re a champion of change

If you’re emotionally intelligent, you know change is coming, no matter what. Rather than fight change and lament its inevitability, you embrace it and facilitate it for easier transitions.


2. You avoid perfection like the plague

Being emotionally aware, you realised a long time ago that perfection is impossible. As such, you don’t waste time chasing it and work toward more achievable goals instead.


3. You’re curious

It’s a sign that you’re aware of bigger, amazing things out in the world—that the world doesn’t begin and end in your small sphere. Curiosity and following your passions opens doors to new experiences and new people—both gems in the eyes of the emotionally intelligent.

Not feeling so cued in to your neighbour’s feelings? Don’t fret. Instead of a gift from on high, emotional intelligence is like a muscle that requires regular exercise. Practicing empathy and compassion each day will help open you up to becoming more emotionally intelligent.


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