Master class in communication: 3 ways to get your point across better

Master class in communication: 3 ways to get your point across better

Being a good communicator is a big part of your professional image. All the training, all the great ideas are meaningless if you can’t express yourself in a way that capture’s the right people’s attentions.


Looking for ways to improve your communication skills? Try these:


1. Lower your voice

We’re not talking about a Vader-esque tone, but lowering your voice an octave or two when you’re speaking automatically lends you an air of authority when others are listening. Studies have proven that the deeper your voice is, the more of your message is retained.


2. Smile

Whether your feel it or not, smile when it’s appropriate. Smiling sends the message that you’re genuine and approachable—and makes your message easier for strangers to open their minds to.


3. Breathe

Seems obvious, but if you’re nervous and have stilted, shallow breaths, your vocal chords tighten and your voice rises in response. It’s also prone to warbling and shaking—telltale signs that you’re nervous and uncomfortable. Simply breathing slowly and gaining control of your breath will relax your vocal chords and lend you that air of authority.


Getting your message across goes way beyond reading from notecards in front of others. Good communication is about voice, inflection and delivery and is a professional skill that, while uncommon, is a sure-fire way to advance professionally.


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