3 ways to reinvent yourself professionally without quitting your job

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3 ways to reinvent yourself professionally without quitting your job

Sometimes a catastrophic event like a layoff or a cross-country move forces us out of our comfort zones. You find yourself needing to adapt quickly to make ends meet and get back on track. But what if your sense of feeling stuck and in a rut has nothing to do with some sort of personal crisis? If you’re needing a reboot professionally, you can still do it AND keep your job.


Here are three steps to take to get yourself re-centred and re-focused in no time:


1. Find a mentor

Even Luke Skywalker needed Obi-Wan. When you’re hoping for a new direction professionally, identify someone headed in the same direction and learn from them. Mentors offer more than an example to follow—often, they have years of experience (hard knocks and otherwise) to share that will save you heartache and frustration as you venture toward a new you.


2. Be a student of the world

Sometimes you might not have exactly nailed down what sort of reinvention you’re looking for—only that you need one. When you’re getting ambiguous signs from the universe about what you should be doing, get out there and learn from everyone you meet. Take dance classes. Read new books that others suggest. Strike up conversations on public transportation—try it all and do it all and look for ways to implement these lessons into your own personal transformation.


3. Stay consistent

Once you start building momentum in your new direction, keep at it. Keep up the learning, keep meeting with mentors and keep building your new dream. Starts are often slow and many entrepreneurs and professionals give up before the change is complete and fully realised. Stick with it and see the changes through.



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