The single girl’s guide to finding love without making yourself crazy

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The single girl’s guide to finding love without making yourself crazy

There’s something about the red-and-green obsessed holiday season that can send a dagger of loneliness through the hearts of singles everywhere when they realise they might not have that “special someone” in their lives yet. But take heart—despite the barrage of annoying engagement ring posts you’re bound to be bombarded with on your social media feeds, finding your own happy ending isn’t going to require a Christmas miracle.


Psychologists and relationship experts across the globe agree on the one most important thing a person can do to find love without scouring the online dating sites until their eyes cross—fill your own life with the love you need first. Sounds counter-intuitive, but you tend to get from the Universe what you put out. If you need friendship, be a good friend and build up your network of support by engaging more in social activities. Need a purpose? Find a worthy cause to volunteer for and get that emotional rush of good vibes by doing good yourself.


By building the life you want, partner or no partner, you’ll quickly realise that suitable love interests will find their way to your sphere simply by bettering yourself and your own life before concentrating on finding your “perfect match.”



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