Loosen up: 3 Creativity hacks to beat any block

Loosen up: 3 Creativity hacks to beat any block

We rob ourselves of ample opportunity to flex our creative muscles all the time. We think we can only be creative and find that sense of flow when the moment is right—perfect day, perfect hour, perfect supplies and perfect inspiration. Lies, all of it. The truth is, creativity is a muscle that gets stronger the more you use it.

Here are 3 easy ways to spark your creativity in the next ten minutes:


1. Move

It’s one of the easiest ways to get an idea out of your head and onto the paper or the screen—take a quick five to ten minute walk around the neighbourhood to loosen those creative vibes up. Loose muscles often mean loose creative inspiration—it flows!


2. Doodle

Something, anything—no matter what you’re trying to be creative about (a scene in your novel, a new line of code for your website), get out a piece of scratch paper and doodle. Draw something without taking your pen or pencil off the paper and see what happens.


3. More is better

Be okay with sucking at your first few sketches, scenes or outcomes. Be ready to throw five to ten different creative attempts at the wall to see which of them stick—the looser you are on your mental reigns, the more freedom your mind has to come up with ideas. Be loose with your drafts and let the magic happen.

Remember, when you’re working out your creative muscle, perfection and any attempt at it, is your enemy. Relax and let it go.


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