Forget sheep: 3 hacks for a better night’s rest

Forget sheep: 3 hacks for a better night’s rest

Lack of sleep is our common enemy as modern-day humans. It makes us sick, it damages our relationships and it even ages us prematurely. Study after study has proven links between diminished immunity, even productivity and our lack of good rest. Find yourself struggling to sleep at night? Here are three hacks that could help you slide off into dreamland easier tonight:


1. Set the stage

Get rid of those electronics from your bedroom. The light emitted from televisions and tablets do tricky voodoo on your brain and actually signal them to stay active. Thirty minutes before bed tonight go analog and read a book instead.


2. Chill out

Set your heater down a few degrees and turn on a fan in your room. Our bodies enter into deeper sleep rhythms when we’re cooler and being overheated can actually cause you to repeatedly wake up during the night.


3. Don’t hit the snooze

Instead of fooling yourself that you’re going to wake up at 4 a.m. and run a half marathon before work and then hit that snooze button 18 times before you finally drag yourself out from under your covers, be realistic. Sleeping through the alarm isn’t giving you more rest and can actually end up making you more tired than if you’d just gotten up in the first place.

Face it—sleep is vital to your well-being and a few good habits will pay off huge dividends for you in a short time.


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